Graduate Programs Changing the World,直接能看黄的免费网址,,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看Training Courageous Doers for the Work of Peacebuilding, Social Innovation and Conflict Resolution

We are original thinkers, moral imagineers and social innovators who are defining a better world for us all. We are changemakers. World-changing research and immersive learning is what we are known for. Whether through Nobel Peace laureates’ keynotes on campus, seminars across the Mexican border, workshops with social entrepreneurs or internships in communities across the world, you will discover the courage and skills to make a difference.

Master of Arts

Peace and Justice

Broaden your skills in peaceful change and social justice with our 2-year program that teaches actionable strategies for becoming a peace and justice practitioner.

Master of Arts

Social Innovation

Become a changemaker when you learn how entrepreneurship can be used to solve today's most pressing human rights and social issues.

Master of Science

Conflict Management and Resolution

Transform conflict into positive change in this 30-unit, 9-month or 15-month program where students learn how to anticipate conflicts, engage conflict actors and resolve complex issues in different situations.


Peace and Law Dual Degree

Join the only program in the country that combines the teachings of peacebuilding and human rights advocacy with legal training.

Border Certificate

The Trans-Border Opportunities Certificate,直接能看黄的免费网址,,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看Learn how to engage with cross-border community and take advantage of the border's unique possibilities for entrepreneurship, business and activism through evening and weekend seminars.