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HMP Industrial Joint Stock Company would like to send our best regards to you
Dear customer! HMP is a leading company in the field of production of conveyor belts and conveyors. In the context of the world is modernizing the industry, the collective staff of Hong Ha always want to contribute part of their strength to the industrialization - modernization of the country.
With the motto "Value - Trust" we are committed to providing the market with quality products with enthusiastic service - thoughtful - professional and after-sales service perfect to enhance the dark. Multi-use value of the product.
We always put Prestige - Quality on top so we always try to improve ourselves to bring the best products and services to our customers.
HMP is looking forward to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers.
      Special thanks !
Working process
1. Receive request
2. Design
3. Exchange and consultation
4. Quotations
Sign the contract
6. Provide
7. Construction
8. After-sales service


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