• 75% of students
    receiving financial aid
  • $61K average starting salary

    BS or BA in Computer Science

    Learn how computer science helps us compute solutions — and find the most efficient and practical ways to do it. Learn more.

    • BS or BA Degree
    • 4+1 Graduate Program option
    • $83K Starting Salary

    Explore Computer Science classes:

    students working on computers

    CS 110 Computational Problem Solving

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 An introduction to computational problem solving using the Python programming language. Students will learn the basic elements of programming, modular program design and the basics of data abstraction.

    faculty talking to students

    COMP 360 Principles of Programming Languageshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 Gain a valuable understanding of how programming languages are organized, including semantics, language definition, data types and control structures.

    laptop computers

    COMP 421 Embedded Software Development

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 Students work on the development of "bare metal" embedded software, running on a microcontroller with no operating system support.

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    BS/BA in Electrical Engineering

    Gain the hands-on experience to design, test and build where electronics can take us in the future. Learn more.

    • BS/BA Dual Degree
    • ABET Accredited
    • 91% First Job Offer (3 Months)
    • $68K Avg. Starting Salary

    Explore Electrical Engineering classes:

    faculty talking with student

    ENGR 101 Introduction to Engineeringhanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Students work in small teams to solve open-ended interdisciplinary design problems.

    student working on project

    ELEC 201 Electrical Circuitshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Study electrical element physical behavior and component models; network laws and analysis techniques; laboratory circuit design, testing, and verification and more.

    student working on circuit

    ELEC 472 Wireless and Digital Communications

    Master the practical issues in designing and developing cellular, satellite-based and other wireless communication systems.

    BS/BA in Industrial & Systems Engineering

    Make a difference in the world by engineering processes and systems to improve quality, increase productivity and operational efficiency. Learn more.

    • BS/BA Dual Degree
    • 147 Credits
    • ABET Accredited
    • $66K Avg. Starting Salary

    Explore Industrial & Systems Engineering classes:

    faculty working with students on computer

    ISYE 310 Work Analysis and Design

    Introduction to the fundamental methods for analyzing and designing procedures to perform operations in the workplace. Includes time and motion study, methods improvement and workplace design.

    faculty pointing to computer

    ISYE 335 Six Sigma — Process Improvement Methods

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 Application of statistics to improving quality and productivity. Introduction to Six Sigma quality methodology and the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) problem-solving strategy for continuous quality improvement.

    faculty in front of isye posters

    ISYE 420 Simulation of Production and Service Systemshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Modeling and analysis of systems using computer-based discrete event simulation. Principles of modeling, validation and output analysis are developed using high-level simulation languages.

    See all ISYE Classeshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    BS/BA in Integrated Engineering

    Tackle complex problems with an interdisciplinary mindset that preps you for any number of specific fields of study. Learn more.

    • BS/BA Dual Degree
    • 5 Concentrations
    • 147 Credits

    Explore Integrated Engineering classes:

    Two computers and a ukulele

    GENG 360 Experimental Engineeringhanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Students are introduced to fundamental principles of measurement and instrumentation through hands-on experiments.

    students in a room

    GENG 350 Engineering and Social Justicehanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Develop the critical thinking skills to apply social justice issues to an engineering context in the real world.

    close up photo of drone camera

    GENG 420 Drones for Good

    Students explore technical issues on drones and critically consider how this technology can be used for humanitarian purposes.

    See all GENG Classeshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    BS/BA in Mechanical Engineering

    Solve problems using the principles of energy, materials and mechanics — then design and build innovative solutions for life-saving medical devides or fuel efficient vehicles. Learn more.

    • BS/BA Dual Degree
    • 147 Credits
    • ABET Accredited
    • $61K Avg. Starting Salary

    Explore Mechanical Engineering classes:

    faculty talking with student

    ENGR 101 Introduction to Engineering

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 Students work in small teams to solve open-ended interdisciplinary design problems.

    faculty with student looking at computer

    MENG 300 Applied Thermodynamicshanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Laws of thermodynamics to gas and vapor power cycles, mixtures of gases and vapors, and refrigeration cycles.

    students working in lab

    MENG 380 Kinematics and Design of Machinery

    Explore the mechanism synthesis techniques for function, motion, path generators and design applications.

    MS in CyberSecurity Engineering

    Immerse yourself in a graduate program emphasizing ethics, applied and theoretical knowledge and skills to combat today's online threats — and tomorrow's. Learn more.

    • MS Degree
    • 30 Units (hours)
    • 18:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
    • 2 M Jobs openings globally

    Explore CyberSecurity Engineering classes:


    CYBR 500 Foundations of Cyber Security

    A prerequisite for all of the other courses in the program, students will understand the fundamental science of cybersecurity and its application to the engineering of secure systems.


    CYBR 520 Applied Cryptographyhanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看

    Master cryptography's role in cyber security, covering everything from historic ciphers to the strength of cryptographic implementations.

    students working on laptop in classroom

    CYBR 550 Secure Network Engineering

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看 This course will introduce the principles of network security and discuss network topology, theory of network governance and control.


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    Our unique dual BS/BA degree produces better engineers and computer scientists by developing technical skills along with cultural awareness, communication skills, leadership skills and innovative thinking.

    students working in lab Labs and Facilities

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看Our new and innovative ideation space, garage and labs are designed with your success in mind. USD students have the space they need to tinker with things, make mistakes and move on to create better and better versions.

    faculty working with students Committed Faculty

    hanxiucao.me,直接能看黄的免费网址,hanxiucao.me,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看Experience a quality learning environment that encourages collaboration. Professors who are genuinely interested in developing students get to know you personally through office hours, small classes, faculty advising and mentoring.


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