Majors and Minors,直接能看黄的免费网址,,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看With a variety of degrees, programs, certificates, and schools and a college at USD, students have many opportunities to explore, learn and grow professionally and personally.,直接能看黄的免费网址,,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看The University of San Diego offers undergraduate degrees with a wide assortment of majors and minors, graduate degrees with many areas of specialization, several certificate programs, and teacher credential programs recognized by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.,直接能看黄的免费网址,,黄大片好看视频免费,日本猛片在线观看All programs listed here are those offered during the current academic year. Each link on the menu to the left leads to a comprehensive program list. "Academic Programs" will return you to this page.

For more information on specific programs, please refer to the or the . The catalogs are published in alternate years, so descriptions of some of the newer programs may not be available in the current catalogs. The Office of Admissions at (619) 260-4506 can also provide information about USD's programs.

The University of San Diego reserves the right to add or withdraw programs whenever such changes are adjudged to be desirable or necessary.